Intermittent Networking and Small-Satellite Swarms

Small-Satellites (SmallSats) are an affordable solution, compared to geostationary satellites, to provide networking coverage in the most remote areas, including the Arctic.

Different possibilities for deploying SmallSats include constellations, where each satellite must keep its orbit, and swarms, where satellites freely drift according to their deployment velocity.

This post shows an animation presented at ICICT’18, where the paper entitled “Freely-Drifting Small-Satellite Swarms for Sensor Networks in the Arctic”  was presented.

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One year milestone!

It’s been a year since the start of SINet.

Many activities have taken place and several contacts have been established, cooperating with researchers from inter-disciplinary fields – all for enabling efficient networking in challenging maritime environments.

The focus of SINet is also overlapping with other topics, such as the Internet of Things, where research has also been conducted. In the IoT resource constraints exist and intermittent connectivity is also common, which is what SINet is all about.

Reaching this milestone allowed for a special moment of reflection (don’t forget to check the new deliverables), and the conclusion is that there’s a lot more still to come!

Stay tuned!